The Foundation

2015-11-30 16:58:17

Evan Christian

"I am deeply impressed with
the designer of the universe;
I am confident I couldn't have done
anywhere near such a good job"

Buckminster Fuller

We would like to thanks our God, our Father for His grace, His love, and blessing that has always inspired us. We thanked Him for this opportunity, making us to be able to stand where we are today. We believe that this step was just a beginning and just a small part of His greater plan ahead. So here we are, building our foundation inspired and motivated by the greatest architect, designer, and engineer of all time, the designer of the universe who never failed. By His guidance, we are confident to dream and achieve more than what we could dream of.

          Founded in 2014, We are architecs and designer who drove by our passion and curiousity decided to be independent consultant. We came from different background and experiences looking for a chance to make a change. It's started with a small talk about a start-up between friends consist of two architect and one interior designer, we started to share some of our projects with one another. After met up for several times and doing some projects together, the three ouf us realized that we had the same passion and vision. Each of us has our own strength and creativity style which made us a strong and dynamic team. Focused in what we're expertised and experienced, interior and architecture, we have faith and confident that through the whole process we could explore more possibility and do greater and greater things.

  We would like to thanks our family and friends that have encouraged and supporting us to go this far. Without them we definitely wouldn't be standing where we are today. (uQ)

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