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We are architecture, design, & construction company located in Bandung, Indonesia.

We are passionate about GREAT design.

We love creating a fresh definition of "SPACE",

providing a healthy and enjoyable experience to our clients!


Who are we?

Founded in 2014, we are architecture - interior design - construction company that focused on creating environment that suits our clients' needs. Located in Bandung, our mission is to create ideal and unique space for our clients. We believe that each of our clients' needs are special and will be different from one another. Our job is to transform your ideal definition of space into a unique solid interior / architecture products. We love to create comfort and enjoyable space that defines our client's personality based on their specific requirement and taste. We love detail, we love to be specific, that's why our design will always be unique, dynamic and fresh. We also focused in the function and safety to create more effective and efficient environment.

We are Five Two Studio.

Our Services


We do architecture / interior projects of residential or commercial.

Basically our job scoop & service covering all the renovation progress. We become our client's agent to organize the whole renovation process from programming, concepting to transforming the idea into real constructed architecture-interior products.

Architecture / Interior design is a complex activity that ivolves multiple levels of knowledge communication and production, even on a small project. Managing a project requires as much creative thougthfulness as the design itself. We are here to do all the jobs and to make sure the project run well with outstanding poduct result.

The best projects begin with a carefully planned project schedule. Depending on the circumstances of a particular project, the process and the timeline can vary greatly. However the common practice should address the standard phases of the design process:

1.  Programming:

Identification, analysis, and documentation of the client's needs and goals. This becomes the basis for evaluating design solutions in the subsequent phases

2. Conceptual Design:

Brainstorming phase of the design process, where many options are considered and evaluated. The goal is to gain client approval for a single design concept that will be further developed as the project progresses, and to agree on a direction for the character and aesthetic intent of the project.

3. Design developement:

Most design-intensive phase of a project, in which all design elements are developed, including the layouts, finishes, furnishings, and treatments. The goal is to define and gain approval of all of the design recommendations.

4. Construction Documents:

Preparation of working drawings and specifications that define the approved recommendations for construction, materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. At the end of this phase, we will communicate the design intent in an illustrated and written format for construction purposes.

5. Construction Administration:

Administration of contract documents. Acting as the client's agent, our team will approve shop drawings and regularly visit the site during construction process to ensure that the projects is being built to the documents.

Frequently asked questions


Meet our Team

Our Team consists of experienced designer and architect who are very passionate about their work. They're creative, dynamic, and are willing to work extramile for maximum result.

Basically our team divided into three division : Architecture team, Interior Design team, and Construction team.
We always try to keep everyone involved in each of our projects to make sure we provide the best design and solution for our clients

Andre Roy

Principal Architect

Graduate from Parahyangan Catholic University, Banding in 2009. Worked as architectural engineer in Jakarta and Designer Architect in Singapore. Using his experiences, he tries to explore more possibilities in architectural, construction and interior with Five Two Studio team. As the head architect in charge of production and design team, he is aiming to give Five Two Studio's clients the best design service experience.


Evan Christian

Chief Structure Engineer
Business Developer

After graduated from Faculty of Architecture, Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung, he worked in architecture & construction company from 2011 - 2015. Born as a natural bussiness-minded person, he now develops business strategy and plans for Five Two Studio. He also takes part in designing the architecture and structure. He loves details and have a strong interests in technology, coffee, football, and his wife-to-be.


Yuki Lauw

Principal Designer

Graduated in 2010 from Bandung Institute of Technology, he had spent years worked as an interior designer in Singapore. His latest position was senior designer who experienced in doing interior design for commercial offices and houses. In 2014, he decided to explore more possibilities and to challenge boundaries with Five Two Studio as the principal designer. He is also current part time photographer who loves to travel.

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